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So Joe O’Reilly has been corresponding with the media.  One can’t help but wonder what possessed him to enter into an exchange of letters with journalists from the Star Sunday.  Has he not learnt by now that his proclamations of innocence continue to fall on deaf ears because most people in his country are too familiar with the facts of his wife’s brutal murder; she was bludgeoned to death so thoroughly that her blood spattered the ceiling above her body.

Today’s Star Sunday contains O’Reilly’s thoughts on his conviction and his life in jail.  He comes across, not as an evil cold blooded killer but as a none too bright pompous snob who boasts about the book club he set up in the Midlands Prison and once again tries to talk his way out of murder in the way he has ever since his wife was killed.

During his 2007 trial it came out that O’Reilly was in the habit of blabbing to anyone who would listen.  He commented to a friend that the gardai were looking in the wrong place for the murder weapon, ran through a blow-by-blow (excuse the pun) account of the murder for his wife’s family and talked to half the journalists in town about how he was the number one suspect.

Despite the fact that these tactics quite spectacularly failed to keep him out of jail, it appears that he still uses them.  His dazzling critisism of the mobile phone evidence that placed him near the murder scene at the time was confused to say the least.

“I will leave you with these thoughts/questions. 1.  Ever had a dropped call?  2. Ever lose your signal?  Have you ever stretched your arm 800 yards down a hill, past a door, through two doors, turn left, down a hallway, left into a bedroom, kill someone then leave the way you came without being seen? No? Me either.  But I HAVE dropped a call and I have lost a signal…SO, hardly water-tight technology eh?”

Brilliant!  I’m sure the combined forces of the DPP and the Gardai are quaking in their boots at such brilliant point scoring!  This is a man who genuinely thinks that he will be able to convince the journalists he is writing to, and presumably the public, that he loved his wife and was dead against domestic violence.  He conveniently forgets that his mistress, Nikki Pelly has been a regular tabloid fixture since his conviction and that vitriolic emails about his wife that he sent to his sister were one of the highlights of the evidence against him.

O’Reilly is either delusional or so arrogant that he thinks his charm will wipe any previous knowledge from the minds of those he addresses.  He obviously has some intelligence but not half as much as he thinks he has.  What struck me about the article was not his claims about the flaws in the prosecution or his cheeky suggestion that whoever murdered Irene White must also have killed Rachel.  The details that said most about the character of Joe O’Reilly were the priggish comments about films and books, details that reveal a snobbish idiot who crows about how only he and the prison librarian really enjoyed Barrack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope.

“That was one of the books a few of us read in here, as part of a small book club we have.  That actually makes it sound more grandiose than it is.  All the ‘book club’ is, is an initiative myself and a few others started up through the school and the library to get (well try to) people in here interested in books and reading.  Then giving them a platform by which to give an opinion about the book for that month.”

So now we have the the crusading teacher of the less fortunate.  The man’s idiocy truly knows no bounds.

These letters represent a massive coup for the Star Sunday.  Fair play to them for getting him to talk but ultimately what today’s article shows is how little the unrepentant convict has to say.  All you will hear when you talk to someone like Joe O’Reilly are justifications and obfuscations.  He’s not going to suddenly admit what he did, so you are left with the surreal ravings of an insubstantial alibi.  The same kind of idiocy that made O.J. Simpson write If I Did It.  It’s arrogance and attention seeking at their worst.  But it does make great copy!

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  1. noel

    I think you’ll find O’Reilly DIDN’T speak or write to the star. These are letters he sent to other people that have fallen into the hands of the Star. I happen to know his brother very well(married to my sister) and met Joe & Rachel on occassion. I don’t think the evidence was very strong at all and had it not been for the media interest (even publishing a picture of his arrest for god’s sake!) the man never had a chance of an impartial trial in an Irish court.As he said himself , the CCTV imagery was seriously inconclusive , mobile tracking? Even if accurate doesn’t mean he killed her. The time between the mystery car going to & from the house is 16 minutes , meaning that IF it was him he had 16 minutes to stage a burglary , batter his wife to death , leave a heavily bloodstained scene without so much as a drop on him , his clothing OR his car? Not very likely if you ask me. As for the Star , NONE of the O’Reilly family would even dream of speaking to the Star , they despise that ”paper” and anything to do with it.

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