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I’m a writer and recovering journalist based in Sussex in England.  My first book, The Devil in the Red Dress, about the trial of Sharon Collins and Essam Eid, was published by Maverick House in 2008. This was followed by Death on The Hill, about the killing of Celine Cawley by her husband Eamonn Lillis, in 2010, published by The O’Brien Press. Both books were based on trials I’d covered in my years as a freelance court reporter in Dublin.

As 2016 began, I moved to East Sussex with my husband, a photographer, and a particularly loopy cat.  I grew up in London but lived in Ireland for almost thirty years.  I was a working journalist for almost twenty years and have worked in both print and broadcasting on a national and local level but these days my interests lie further back in time. I’m happiest getting lost in dusty archives in search of some rare gem, and am currently studying for my PhD at the University of Sussex.

I’ve had some pretty random gigs (who hasn’t in this day and age?) including, but not limited to, summarising public submissions on the Irish Constitution for an all-party government body, being a tour guide in a Norman castle, working for a private hospital consultant and running an antique stall in a market.


  1. joseph obrien

    ihave a non fiction, highly contrivercial book i need help with. would you be interested

  2. Culchie Bob

    How do I contact you with a story to finish the dunbar case, a family history of Freddie and Mary Mahon.

    • Abigail

      Hi Bob,
      You can email me here on abigail (at) abigailrieley.com if you like.

  3. JJ Meehan

    Good Morning,

    I’m following your tweets and enjoy your blogs. Look forward to reading you books.

    JJ Meehan

  4. Brian Gilmore


    By any chance do you know where i could get my hands on:

    Playing in the Dark by Siobhan Kennedy-McGuinness, Rosie Dunn


    RE abuse at the hands of Eamon Cooke

    Dosent seem to exist



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