Well, tomorrow is the day that Sharon Collins, Essam Eid…and me have been waiting for.  Tomorrow, Mr Justice Roderick Murphy will decide how long they both need to serve in jail and my book will finally have an ending.

It should be an interesting day.  Sharon could be looking at ten years in jail for soliciting Eid to kill PJ Howard and his two sons while Eid isn’t much better off despite the fact the jury failed to reach a decision on the conspiracy charges he was facing.  The extortion he was finally found guilty of carries a pretty hefty sentence itself.

The big question today is whether or not PJ appears to take the stand tomorrow but whether he does or not it’ll be a lively day.

The trial seems so long ago now even though this has been one story that hasn’t left me alone all summer.  Once we know what sentence the two of them get then I can finally write my final chapter and put the thing to bed.

This is one trial that has had never a dull turn and it’s exciting to think what they’ll throw at us tomorrow.  Both defence teams have been preparing medical reports of various types.  Eid has needed examining for a raft of medical conditions while Sharon Collins needed to be seen by two psychiatrists.  It’ll be interesting to see what they both throw up.

After such a long trial and the month’s delay in the sentence it’s a relief to know that there will finally be an end to this – at least until the appeals come around.  But first things first and tomorrow is going to be a very busy day…